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British Linen Bank

1935 Dempster

Dempster / Handsigned - 1935 to 1940 - X/5 to Z/5 + A/6 to P/6 - General Manager & P. Acct - Bank's Coat of Arms and B.L.B. in red obverse. '5' either side of DITAT reverse BL66a & 66b

REFs: P158a
PREFIX: Z/5 20/118
PRICE: £250.00

StockID Cat Ref Denom. Description Prefix Grade Price
38352 P170asdlr £5 1968 First Walker - DLR SPECIMEN K/12 1968 - Sir Walter Scott Bank's Coat of Arms obverse. With Electronic Sort Marks - FIVE either side of DITAT reverse. British Linen Bank K/12 000000 AUNC £140.00

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