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EPM 9th Research

11th EPM Research:  

If you have any information relating to any of the banknotes below

Please contact pam:  EMail  or  phone  0208 641 3224


Do you have the following banknotes? or information?


Cat         Val          Signature          Prefix


T19         10s         Fisher                 C/7  or higher

T24         £1          Fisher                 Z  Control Note   prefix 38 to 47


B225      £1           Catterns              H33    Do you have?


B250     £1 blue     Peppiatt             S09E    Do you have higher?


B272      10s         O’Brien                69A   Do you have?

B285      £1          O’Brien                 M68   Do you have?

                                                         What is your serial?

B289      £1          Hollom                 M68  What is your serial?

                               seen / logged     181190   Do you have Lower?


B292      £1           Hollom                 A09N   Do you have?


B302      £1           Fforde                  M50R   Do you have?

B314      £5           Fforde                  07L    Do you have higher?

B315      £5           Fforde                  15M   Do you have?


B320      £1           Page                     Z81L     Do you have higher?

B321      £1           Page                     R47M    Do you have lower?

B321      £1           Page                     R47M    Do you have higher?

B323      £1           Page                     MT23    Do you have?    

B324      £5           Page                     41H  or  42H    Do you have?

B326      £10         Page                     A89  or  A90    Do you have?


B358cs   £20         Gill                        C71 to C98   Column Sort    Do you have?

B359      £20         Gill                         Z13    Do you have?


B364cs   £5           Kentfield               CL01  or  CL45  Column Sorts    Do you have?

B365      £5           Kentfield               LL37  or   Higher    Do you have?

B366      £10         Kentfield               Y64 or higher    Do you have higher?

B366cs   £10         Kentfield               Y81  Column Sort    Do you have?

B369cs   £10         Kentfield               DL81 to DL96  Column Sort   What do you own?

B373      £20         Kentfield               M32    Do you have higher?

B374cs   £20         Kentfield              X--    Y--  Column Sorts   What do you own?

B375      £20         Kentfield               CJ40    Do you have higher?

B377      £50         Kentfield               H34    Do you have higher?  (not H99)

B377cs   £50         Kentfield                  B    H    L    Column Sorts   What do you own?

B379      £50         Kentfield               LL01  or  LL35    Do you have?


B380cs   £5           Lowther                 CL45    Column Sort    Do you have?

B382cs   £10         Lowther                 EL01   Column Sorts    Do you have?

B382cs   £10         Lowther                 EL40   Column Sorts    Do you have?

B385cs   £50         Lowther                 K71  or  K98 Column Sorts   serials above 960000    Do you have?

B386cs   £20         Lowther                 BL01   Column Sort    Do you have?

B392      £10         Lowther                 MM40    Do you have?


Million Serials  not listed


Any interesting banknotes   Serials   Errors   etc


Any Branch White banknote not listed


Is there anything you want to see in EPM?





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