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Jersey Banknotes for sale buying in circulation or new and old Jersey Banknotes value

Current Jersey banknote for sale

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   New signatory Laura Rowley 2019   DD First prefix



           First £100 Bankotes for Jersey



       Diamond Jubilee 1952-2012 commemorative banknote Issued 1st June 2012


       Specimen QE60 000000

A 3D 'Equanimity' holographic photograph was used for the portrait. Printed by De La Rue

the banknote contains a dual image holographic stripe and 4mm starcrome cleartext security thread


Jersey have issued a new set of notes £1  £5  £10  £20  £50   

First prefix on all denominations AD

Replacement prefix DZ  £1, £5, £10, £20, & £50 seen

Reports of other denominations welcomed, serials added to replacement listings on News & Info


        Jersey banknote £1 Replacement


        Jersey banknote £50 Replacement




        The Fresh Green £1 banknote shows the ‘Monument to Freedom’ sculpture in Liberation Square,
        which celebrates the momentous announcement of the liberation of the island from
        Nazi forces and the end of the Second World War. The reverse features the Neolithic ritual site
        of La Hougue Bie, which was built about 4,000 BC, and Le Hocq Tower.




        The Sky Blue £5 banknote depicts two important Jersey houses: the sixteenth century National
        Trust property ‘Le Rât Cottage’ on the front, and ‘Les Augrès Manor’, the home of the Durrell
        Wildlife Conservation Trust, on the reverse. The reverse also carries an image of Archirondel




        The Burnt Sienna £10 banknote has the Hermitage at Elizabeth Castle on the front. This
        medieval chapel was built over the site where St Helier lived The reverse of the note shows
        the unique Lalique glass sculptures in St Matthew’s church, St Lawrence and
        Seymour Tower.




        The Cool Violet £20 banknote depicts the Island’s parliament building - the States - with the
        exterior view on the front and the interior on the reverse. La Rocco Tower (originally known
        as Gordon’s Tower) is also featured on the reverse.




        The Cherry Red £50 banknote carries the impressive outline of the medieval castle of Mont
        Orgueil while the reverse features the houses on the island of La Marmotière in Les
        Écréhous and the round tower at Ouaisné.



         Jersey banknote Prefix NC  Ian Black signature


         Jersey banknote P26arr  CZZ  Replacement


         Million Serial banknote last nought set too close to edge of the banknote

For explanation of how million serial numbers are made click on News & Info and you will

find a section on million serials


         Jersey banknote P26ar CZ Replacement




Banknotes can be found for sale under :-  Browse Notes - Jersey -



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