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Bank of Scotland to 1967
Bank of Scotland 1968 on
British Linen
Clydesdale Bank to 1989
Clydesdale Bank 1990 on
Clydesdale & North of Scotland
Commercial Bank
National Bank
North of Scotland
Royal Bank
Union Bank
paper money of scotland to pick

Paper Money of Scotland to Pick


Bank of Scotland 1968 on

PM of S                                    Pick                               Value

BA 111a P 109a £1
BA 111b P 109b  
BA 112a P 110a £5
BA 112b P 110b  
BA 113a P 110a £1
BA 113b P 110b  
BA 113c P 110c  
BA 113d P 110d  
BA 113e P 110e  
BA 113f P 110f  
BA 113g P 110g  
BA 114a P 112a £5
BA 114b P 112b  
BA 114c P 112c  
BA 114d P 112d  
BA 114e P 112e  
BA 114f P 112f  
BA 115a P 116a £5
BA 115b P 116b  

 PM of S                                Pick                                Value

BA 116a        P 113a        £10
BA 116b P 113b  
BA 116c P 113c  
BA 116d P 113d  
BA 117 P 117a £10
BA 118a P 114a £20
BA 118b P 114b  
BA 118c P 114c  
BA 118d P 114d  
BA 118e P 114e   
BA 119 P 118 £20
BA 120a P 115a £100
BA 120b P 115b  
BA 120c P 115c  
BA 120d P 115d  
BA 120e P 115e  
BA 120f P 118Aa  
BA 121 P 118ab £100

Tercentenary Issue 1995 to 2006

 PM of S                             Pick                             Value

BA 122a P 119a £5
BA 122b  P 119b  
BA 122c  P 119c  
BA 122d P 119d  
BA 122e P 119e  
BA 123a P 120a £10
BA 123b P 120b  
BA 123c P 120c  
BA 123d P 120d  
BA 123e P 120e   
BA 123f P 120f  
BA 124a P 121a £20
BA 124b P 121b  
BA 124c P 121c  
BA 124d P 121d  
BA 124e P 121e  
BA 125a P 122a £50
BA 125b P 122b  
BA 125c P 122c  
BA 125d P 122d  
BA 126a P 123a £100
BA 126b P 123b  
BA 126c P 123c  
BA 126d P 123d  
BA 126e P 123e  

Bridges Issue 2007

 PM of S                             Pick                            Value

BA 127a P 124a £5
BA 127b P 124b  
BA 127c P 124c  
BA 128a P 125a £10
BA 128b P 125b  
BA 129a P 126a £20
BA 129b P 126b  
BA 130a P 127a £50
BA 130b P 127b  
BA 130c P 127c  
BA 131a P 128a £100
BA 131b P 128b  
BA 131c P 128c  

Polymer Issue 2015

 PM of S                                  Pick                               Value

BA 132      P  129    £5
BA 133a P 130a £5
BA 134a P 131a £10



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