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Irish Replacemets
paper money of ireland updates

Paper Money of Ireland Updates & Additional Information

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 Second Edition of Paper Money of Ireland out, therefore updates will follow as and when they come in.

Have updated the replacemernt tables on site.




        £1 Stage Proof   AI1


       £5 Stage Proof   AI2 




 Replacements - lowest & highest serials

Page Cat No Lowest Highest
434 LTN 60aR S 356484 S 680844
435 LTN 61aR R 127045 R 147943
  LTN 61bR 00K 002301 00K 084793
436 LTN 62aR T 000154 T 425517
437 LTN 63R 00A 368193 00A 426475
438 LTN 64R T 418775 T 577678
439 LTN 65R V 008656 V 038834



         One of a series of £10 Essays NA119


         Replacement  FT10r




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