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English Replacements
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make money from banknotes

Make Money from Banknotes

Could someone tell me about Paper Money. Yes just phone.

Free valuation of your banknote  English Scottish Irish Isle of Man Channel Islands etc

The easy way to find out is to E Mail or Phone us 0208 641 3224


King Charles III new polymer banknotes

Buying First Prefix  AA01? on  £5  £10  £20  &  £50  Quantities wanted, paying well over face


Look out for last prefixes on the outgoing QEII banknotes

£5  BC60    £10 EM54    £20 DM45     £50 AE80

  Quantities wanted, paying well over face


New polymer Sarah John £50 Alan Turing on reverse    out 23rd June 2021

AA01 First prefix 



Sarah John  £10  DJ01

Sarah John  £50  AA01


Any mid £5 01's   AB01 BC01 CD01  etc  £7 each  in undamaged condition no folds at all

Any mid £10 01's   AB01 BC01 CD01  etc  £12 each  in undamaged condition no folds at all

Also  buying   

Cleland  Paper  £10 LH01  ME40       £20 JH41  LA40       £50 BB70

Cleland Polymer  £5 BB60     £10 DM54

Salmon   £10 JH01  LH40       £20 JH80  JJ any      £50 AJ70

Bailey      £5 LE90      £10 KC40       £20 HE80      £50 L71 or Higher


We are only interested in purchasing the above.  We are not interested in AK47, it has reached a bogus price on internet auction/selling sites.  Hyped up by bogus sellers, getting friends to bid on them. They do not actually sell.

The Bank of England has printed 440 milion new £5 notes prefixes AA to AM.  60 million of each prefix.  All prefixes are common.  The only ones worth money are those listed above and special serials. ie.   123456    333333   888888   or similar.




  £5 Polymer Churchill B414 for sale on website


Buying Salmon

£10 LH40       £20 JJ40          £50 AJ70


Buying Bailey

£5 LE90         £10 KC40         £20 HE80          £50 R70  &  L90


Any  Bailey signature  £20  HE  Buying


Houblon £50s Withdrawn 30th April 2014 


  BUYING £50

£50 Kentfield H70 or higher & LL--, Lowther K71 to K98 & L70, Bailey L71 or higher


Bank Staff make money for the Xmas Party look in the vault at the old boxes in the corner

We buy anything Bank related: Specimen Cheques - Old Travellers Cheques - Old envelopes

Banking Ephemera - Old counter stamps - Signs - etc


British Notes always looking to buy Modern Banknotes

A premium over the face value of the banknote will always be paid

A Firm Offer will be made on sight of the banknote/banknotes or over the phone 


What to look for

Normal Banknotes

All banknotes are issued in prefix sequence  ie    A   B   C   D   etc  or  AA   AB   AC   AD  etc

So if you observe  BE   BF   BG   BH   ZZ  or  or  out of alphabetical sequence

E Mail   or Phone Pam  0208 641 3224  & make some money

Sometimes the wrapper bands on bundles of banknotes will indicate that there are out of

alphabetical sequence notes inside  These banknotes will be worth over face value

Replacement Banknotes

Found singly or multiples in new bundles of notes. The prefix will be outside the normal range
Prefixes observed
Bank of England = LL     Isle of Man = Z     Jersey = CZ  CZZ     Guernsey = Z     Northern Bank = YY  ZZ   
Ulster Bank = Z  ZZ     Central Bank = £5 HHH   MMM  £10 JJJ  £20 CCC   PPP  £50 EEE   RRR  £100 KKK
Bank of Scotland = ZZ     Royal Bank = Z/ Z/2  Z/3    Clydesdale Bank = D/ZZ E/ZZ
                       There will be others                                             


      Guernsey banknote Z replacement paying £30 in mint condition

For explanations of  Replacements  Column Sorts  etc  click on the News & Info
section of the website where full descriptions can be found

Column Sort Banknotes

Found singly or multiples in new bundles of banknotes
The prefix will be outside the normal alphabetical range
Prefixes observed
Bank of England = £5 EL   £10 EL & HL   £20 BL   £50 L (old style)
                        There may be others                                             


      Bank of England banknote Andrew Bailey Column Sort HL prefix

Experimental Banknotes

Found in multiples in bundles or the whole bundle
The prefix will be outside the normal alphabetical range
Prefixes observed
Bank of England = £5 XA   XB   XC etc   £10 MH   MJ   MK   MM
                        There will be others                                             


      Merlyn Lowther Bank of England banknote Experimental XB prefix buying

Other Financial Instruments Worth Money

Postal Orders

Dig around in the attic, Postal Orders are worth money
If it has a Kings portrait you may be surprised how much it could be worth


      George V Postal Order paying £20 for similar type, more for higher values

Town Banknotes (Provincials)

Town Banknotes   Provincials  are always worth money. Many will be a hundred years old
or more. There are collectors out there that will pay £50 to £100 each for the right town.  
Issued from 1685, most from 1790 to 1895, in values 1G 2G £1 £2 £5 £10 £20 £50 £100


      Private town banknote Stourbridge & Kidderminster unissued £5 paying minimum £80

 White Banknotes

Very popular with collectors Pam will pay at least £100 each in mint condition
White notes were issued in one pound through to one thousand pounds face value
Higher values and earlier dates will be worth considerably more
Do not be fooled by Second World War forgeries  worth £60+ each   See Bernhard section News & Info


      Bank of England banknote £5 signed by Mahon 1928 paying £180  mint condition

Old Cheques

Twentieth century cheques are not worth much but you never know
Nineteenth century cheques are worth getting a quote on


       Isle of Man Cheque paying 50p  a book of 10 cheques gives you £5

Bradburys and Fishers

10s and £1 banknotes issued by the Treasury  produced in various designs from 1914 to 1927

A wide range in values depending on issue and condition £20 to £800


       Treasury banknote Fisher £1 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

      Paying £30 to £300 depending on grade and type


Errors are more common than you may think as banknotes are printed in their millions
Many different types of error may occur, anything from missing serials to completely
missing print  extra paper  missing colour  missing signature  etc    NOT Polymer


      British banknote £50 Kentfield with paper fold causing extra paper error

      Paying from £250 for a fifty pound banknote

 Low Numbers

 Collectors of paper money often seek the first prefix known  then  may also wish to
 obtain the lowest serial number possible


       Bank of England banknote £5 O'Brien low number first prefix

Special Serials

1000000 (Million) - 123456 (Ladder or Running) - 777777 (Solid) - 000001 (Low Serial)



Condition of the banknotes is always important  the better the condition the higher the price A minor
crease on an otherwise mint condition note will drop the value by at least thirty per cent  If you find
a banknote  look after it and keep it flat. We have had people pin banknotes to letters devaluing them

 Call us for confidential advice - we pay cash on the nail

 Phone Pam  0208 641 3224  & make some money

 We also have customers for

                                                      Old Car Tax Discs pre 1940

                                                      Robertson's Golly Badges

                                                      Butlin's Holiday Camp Badges  (not beaver club)

                                                      World War Two German Daggers

                                                      Wendal toy soldiers  (not lead)

                                                      One of the Forty Doulton figures

                                                      Epsom Surrey Postcards / Postal History

                                                      Sutton Surrey Postcards / Postal History

                                                      Epsom / Sutton Ephemera etc

                                                      Medals / Military Badges


              Below is a representation of banknotes for sale on my web site


      Bank of Scotland banknote £1 1924 


      The National bank of Scotland banknote £20 1941


      Belfast banking company banknote £50 1963


      The National bank limited Belfast banknote £5 1949


      Banknote from States of Jersey occupation 1941 ten shillings


      British banknote white £20 1916 signed by Chief Cashier Nairne


       Bank of England banknote £5 specimen signed by Chief Cashier J. B. Page 1970/80 


      Isle of Man Peveril Internment Camp banknote used by the internees 


      Scottish Clydesdale Bank banknote £20 1947 


      Scottish banknote from The Royal bank of Scotland £100 1960

      More pictures can be viewed, click News & Info - Picture Library


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