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Updates to Paper Money of Ireland
Irish Replacements
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New wording National Westminster Bank Plc 1 March 2021  Pick 345b

Signature  Katie Murray



Trials of the new Ulster Bank £5 and £10




The Ulster pound is taking a turn in a new direction with vertical notes. What will be the only sterling bank notes of upright orientation in circulation are being printed by Ulster Bank. The polymer £5 and £10 notes will enter circulation in Northern Ireland next year.  All four of Northern Ireland's banks print their own money, a tradition which dates back to the 19th century Ulster Bank, which is part of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), has released the designs of its new notes, which will replace its paper currency. They are based on the theme "living in nature".

£5 note features Strangford Lough in County Down and Brent Geese.

£10 denomination shows Lough Erne in County Fermanagh, the Irish hare and Guelder-rose shrubs.

The bank announced last year that it would be following the Bank of England by printing plastic money. However, Ulster Bank is going a step further with the new format. Switzerland and Canada (who will introduce a vertical $10 note later in 2018), are among the few countries that have notes which are vertical in orientation.

 At the end of February 2019 three Irish banks issued new polymer banknotes

  Bank of Ireland £5 and £10  First prefix AA on both notes with ZZ replacements

  Ulster Bank £5 and £10  First prefix AA on both notes.  No replacements seen so far

  Danske Bank £10  First prefix AA with ZZ replacements


The First Trust Bank will no longer issue banknotes of their own 



     Never before seen 1926 £5 Provincial Bank of Ireland printed by Perkins Bacon & Co Ltd

     P346bu  45112  unc £140



     Unissued 1926 £1 Provincial Bank of Ireland printed by Perkins Bacon & Co Ltd

     P345bu  45111  unc £80


  Danske Bank   AA  first prefix banknotes


    £20 Danske Bank 16 October 2012


    £10 Danske Bank 25 January 2013


Ulster £20 new signatory Jim Brown 3.1.2012 Starts K35


Northern Irelands second biggest bank will be completely rebranded as Danske Bank by the end of 2012.


Danske Chief Ivind Kolding said it is not without sadness that we say goodbye to the

Northern Bank brand name and replace it with Danske bank.

First Trust Bank has new signatory John Kilty on £10 new title General Manager 1 Jan 2012

£20 Northern Bank new date 12 May 2011 

Irish Banks have decided to not let collectors obtain banknotes from their branches, this is a blow to collectors and a short sighted policy on behalf of the Banks as any notes bought by a collector is a 100% profit and can only have been good for the Irish economy


                              Northern Bank £20 banknote


        Irish banknote Northern bank, Price signatory 2006    YY Replacement Prefix


                               Northern Bank £10 banknote


        Irish banknote Northern bank, Gerry Mallon signatory  9 November 2008   GG First Prefix



The Definitive Book of Irish Paper Money

IBNS book of the year 2010

The origins of Irish banking can be traced back to the 17th century. The two authors, Bob Blake and Jonathan Callaway have researched this area for many years. Their perseverance has paid off and together with their unsurpassed knowledge they have produced the ultimate reference book.  500 pages.  700 plus scans

The book  will be in full colour, covering all banks that issued notes within Ireland since the 17th century. It is informative, colourful, realistically priced and the most useful book on Irish notes that you will find in the market today.

I have updated my stock with the new catalogue numbers which can be found at the end of every description on our website having re-priced in line with the book.


The information within is both academic and current. covering every banknote issue in Ireland since the early 18th century, including related areas such as Republican Bonds, Private Banks and Tradesman Issues. The book will provide detailed listings of Banknotes, Proofs, Specimens, Trials, and Replacements right up to the Northern Ireland issues of the present day and the introduction of the euro in the Republic of Ireland. All prefixes and signature varieties will be described in detail. The book will also include a price guide, making it an invaluable book for the serious collector.

The book is profusely illustrated, 700 plus scans, in Full Colour. 500 pages, bringing to life the many fascinating and complex series, which has not been exhaustively covered in a single volume until now.

Not only will ‘Paper Money of Ireland’ be your most referred to book, it will be a price guide for the trade and collectors alike.

Full Colour throughout.


Pam West, PO Box 257, Sutton, Surrey, SM3 9WW England

Tel: 0208 641 3224


                    £50  Bank of Ireland  Keenan  Z Replacement  5th April 2004  BA139R

                                     A group has turned up in the market do not over pay


          Irish banknote Bank of Ireland £50 2004


          Irish banknote Northern bank  Replacement YY  NR129R

First Trust  £20  1 May 2007  KB, LB, MB, NB, PB  prefixes. Printed signature of Terry McDade  FT10

FT10R   ZA Replacement also reported

Ulster  £20  Z Replacement 1 January 2008 seen 0115522    UB98R

Bushmills  £20  ZZ replacement seen 000143   BA144R

Old Bushmills Distillery £50 and £100 not expected as old stocks are high 


New Bank of Ireland Five, Ten and Twenty pound banknotes featuring the Old Bushmills Distillery
reverse dated 2008.  First prefix on all three denominations BD.  The Five pound signature is
that of David McGowan, the Ten and Twenty pound signature is Steven Kirkpatrick with new
job title of  Chief Executive N.I.





         New Bank of Ireland five pound banknote The Old Bushmills Distillery reverse

         David Mc Gowan - 2008 - Hibernia to left obverse.  BA142


                                   Ulster Bank New Design, Logo and Bank Title banknote



         New Design, Logo and Bank Title.  UB96


        Ulster Bank Z Replacement Banknote, Ten pounds, dated 1st January 2007.  UB97R


         Reverse New Design, Logo and Bank Title.


          Irish banknote Ulster Bank Limited, £50 New logo £20 2008  UB98R


Bank of Ireland  Northern Bank  Allied Irish  First Trust  Provincial Bank  National Bank  Ulster Bank

Belfast Bank  Royal Bank of Ireland  Munster & Leinster  Provident Bank  Cork Bank  Limerick 

These are just a few of the issuing banks of Ireland


Eire Ploughman Lady Lavery legal Tender Notes  

Queen Maedbh Swift Scotus Carollan Irish Republican bonds

Consolidated Bank Notes Fenian bond

 Just some of the banknotes in Ireland



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