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Guernsey Replacements
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Guernsey Banknotes for sale buying in circulation or new and old Guernsey Banknotes value

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 Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee commemorative banknote QE/60 prefix £20 Bethan Haines

                                                       New Commemorative


        Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee commemorative banknote QE/60 prefix

        Extra line of text at the top, special prefix. Reverse the same as normal note 



       Guernsey has issued a £20 with Bethan Haines signature The first prefix is C900001



New job title Chief  Accountant

The wording on the back is darker, the righthand underprint is moved 5mm to the right 

The note has a new 1.4mm window security thread (stardust) a new watermark with

larger portrait which has more contrast also watermarks on each corner of the note. 

The Guernsey Fresian is depicted as a shape in silver foil, overprinted with Intaglio ink. 

This Fresian will shine when the note is tilted against  the light.



        Clark £5 Stardust Thread (Windowed) P56c


        Clark £10 replacement  Z  in stock. Stardust Thread P57cr


 Mrs Bethan Haines has been appointed Treasury and Resources'  first Chief Accountant. 
 She will be the new signatory on Guernsey currency.  Her mother was not overly impressed
 with her new job until she mentioned that she would be signing the Banknotes


           Chief Accountant Lands Job of Note

           Picture courtesy   Guernsey Press

     Guernsey Banknotes are available by  Clicking on Browse Notes

Guernsey Bank  The Guernsey Banking Company Limited  Guernsey Commercial Banking Company

Alderney Commercial Bank  Southern District Banking Company  The States of Guernsey

These are just a few of the issuing banks of Guernsey



       Z Replacements seen £20 with Bethan Haines signature

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