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 British Banknotes


       British Banknote The Bank of Mona  £1 1876.  Hand signed and dated



        British Banknote Castle Rushen Unissued One Guinea banknote

        Produced for the Manx Fencibles



        British Banknote Douglas & Isle of Mann One Guinea banknote 1813 Unissued



        British Banknote Bank of Mona  £1 1874 



       British Banknote Douglas & Isle of Man Bank

       Overprinted "Dumbell's Banking Company Limited"  Unissued £1



       British Banknote Douglas & Isle of Man Bank.  Unissued £1



        British Banknote Dumbell's Banking Company Limited

        part issued £1 note signed by, Wm. Dumbell



        British Banknote Dumbell's Banking Company, part issued note signed Shimmin



       British Banknote  Dumbell's Banking Company, unissued remainder


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