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british banknote Picture Library

British Banknote Picture Library contains images collated by Pam over the years. 

The notes are for information only. Look on stock list for banknotes for sale.

There are many rare banknotes pictured here, which we are sure you will enjoy

viewing. If there is any banknote you particularly wish to view,  Email us and we

will see what we can do. Scans have been reduced to 50 KB (from 500 KB ish)         

to fit on the site, so some may appear out of focus.



       Isle of Man £1 Internment camp British Banknote / Voucher issued during  World War Two



       Ploughman £20 Bank of Ireland De La Rue colour trial 



       British Military Authority £1 British Banknote overprinted Greece



      Guernsey British Banknote 1/3 overprinted 1/- additionally overprinted 'Withdrawn from Circulation'



       British Banknote pair of £20 Lowther banknotes both with extra paper error



       Bank of England British Banknote fifty new pence essay Fforde signature 



       Treasury British Banknote one shilling colour trial 1917 signed John Bradbury



      Emergency £1 British Banknote payable Henry Hase, dated 1821 and 1825

       Signed by a clerk 'R Blamin'





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