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scottish prefix information

This section of the web site is dedicated to Scottish banknotes.

We invite you to participate. 

With your valued help we can build an on-line catalogue of known Replacements.

If at anytime whilst referring to this information you wish to contribute with any updates,

Email   or  Phone 0208 641 3224  if you have information

Replacement Banknotes
      When the uncut sheets of notes are being checked, faulty sheets are removed. 
To maintain the numeracy of the stack these are replaced with perfect sheet of notes. 
These replacement sheets are numbered separately, usually with an Z prefix (Z, ZB, Y).
The top left corner note of the first normal sheet would be numbered eg.,
BC42 000001 the second note would be BC43 000001, etc., the sheet below would be numbered
BC42 000002, the second note being BC43 000002, so when a stack of 100 sheets is guillotined,
each bundle of 100 notes is numbered down the bundle 1 to 100.  If a sheet has been removed, it
would have been replaced with an ZB sheet, thus maintaining the numeracy of the stack.



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