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Scottish Replacements
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Bank of Scotland Polymer £20 First prefix



Clydesdale Bank Polymer £20 First prefix



 Royal Bank Polymer £20 First prefix




New Polymer £5 2016 on all three issuing Scottish banks.  Bank of Scotland Horta Osario/Grant AA P130a  Clydesdale Bank David Duffy W/HS P235b Royal Bank of Scotland Ross McEwan AA P370a.



     New design on polymer due out end of 2016 featuring Nan Shepherd



     The new Royal Bank £10 will feature the Scientist Mary Somerville out 2018?




        TQDJ 2012 The Queens Diamond Jubilee 1952-2012 £10 Royal Bank of Scotland S. Hester




        Bank of Scotland £5 and £50 signed Horta Osorio and Grant 1st August 2011



        Royal Bank of Scotland £5 signed Hester B/97  November 2008



       Bank of Scotland £50 banknote 2009 signed Daniels and Kane   


           Clydesdale Bank £5 banknote New Issue


      Thorburn replacement P230ar E/ZZ 2009 Out late 2009

          The scans below do not show the security devices, holograms etc (Proof State) 


        £5 Featuring Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin

        The prefix W/HS stands for World Heritage Site and will probably continue on to W/HT


        St Kilda

        Clydesdale Bank £10 banknote New Issue


        £10 Featuring Robert Burns


        The Old & New Towns of Edinburgh

        Clydesdale Bank £20 banknote New Issue


        £20 Featuring Robert the Bruce


        New Lanark

        Clydesdale Bank £50 banknote New Issue


        £50 Featuring Elsie Inglis, a suffragette and surgeon


        The Antonine Wall

        Clydesdale Bank £100 banknote New Issue


        £100 Featuring Charles Rennie Mackintosh, architect and designer


         The Heart of Neolithic Orkney


 Clydesdale Bank to Launch New Banknote Family

Clydesdale Bank has today (14 January 2009) unveiled the designs of a new family of banknotes, which will be introduced later this year, in celebration of the best of Scotland’s heritage, people and culture. Introduced to coincide with the Homecoming celebrations. The front of each new note will honour a prominent and innovative Scot while the reverse of each note will feature one of Scotland’s five World Heritage sites. As well as being the first time in almost twenty years that the Clydesdale has launched a completely new family of banknotes, it will also be the very first time that a new ‘depth image’ hologram security feature will be used on a UK banknote. David Thorburn, Chief Operating Officer of Clydesdale Bank, said: “Clydesdale Bank’s new banknote family showcases the best of Scotland – its people and its heritage. We are the largest note issuer in Scotland and I am delighted that we are introducing such an innovative and striking set of notes during the Homecoming. I am particularly pleased that a new portrait of Robert Burns will feature on one of our most popular notes – a fitting tribute in the 250th Anniversary of the year that he was born.”

The new note designs unveiled are:

· £5  Featuring Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin, on the front and St Kilda on the reverse.
· £10 Featuring Robert Burns on the front and The Old & New Towns of Edinburgh on the reverse.
· £20 Featuring Robert the Bruce on the front and New Lanark on the reverse.
· £50 Featuring Elsie Inglis, a suffragette and surgeon, on the front and the Antonine Wall on the reverse.
· £100 Featuring Charles Rennie Mackintosh, architect and designer and the Heart of Neolithic Orkney on the reverse.

Scotland’s five World Heritage Sites have been identified by UNESCO as surpassing “local or national importance and are part of the shared heritage of mankind” Alex Salmond MSP MP, First Minister, said, “Scotland has produced banknotes for hundreds of years, marking the culture, heritage, tradition and resilience of Scotland, its people and our financial sector. Clydesdale Bank’s launch of a new banknote family, commemorating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns and Homecoming 2009, is an indication of its strength and commitment to Scotland in the current economic climate. “I would like to thank Clydesdale Bank, these new designs are a wonderful contribution to the Homecoming celebrations. These commemorative notes will be in circulation, worldwide, forever – I cannot think of a greater start to our year of celebrations nor a better, lasting legacy for Homecoming 2009.” Joanne Orr, Chair of the Scotland Committee of the UK National Commission for UNESCO, said, “We are delighted to see Scotland’s World Heritage Sites being celebrated in this way. This is a unique and exciting means of raising the profile of Scotland’s five outstanding World Heritage Sites. These sites are rich examples of Scotland’s cultural and natural heritage that we can all be proud of.” John Graham, Historic Scotland chief executive, said: “We are delighted that Scotland’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites are being featured on the new banknotes. “Historic Scotland is closely involved with the care and promotion of some of these sites, like the Antonine Wall and the Heart of Neolithic Orkney, and is passionate about the importance of all of them as vital parts of our national heritage. Shonaig Macpherson, Chairman for the National Trust for Scotland said, “In this year of Homecoming it is fitting that we celebrate Scotland’s natural and cultural treasures. Many of those featured have links to the Trust, including the wonderful Dual World Heritage site of St Kilda.”

Design & Security Features

Clydesdale Bank has also introduced a range of new security features to the banknotes, including innovative ‘depth image’ holograms. The new banknotes each have distinctive design elements and strong colours. The strong portrait subjects, big bold denomination numerals and the use of colour give each note its own individual character while the sweeping views of the Scottish world heritage sites gives rich imagery and personality to the back of the notes.

Banknotes Circulation

Clydesdale Bank is the largest note issuer in Scotland, with over £1.1bn in circulation in any given week. The new notes will enter circulation in late autumn 2009. The current banknote family is likely to remain in circulation for a number of years after this and will continue to retain their value after this date.

People on the Banknotes

£5  Sir Alexander Fleming (6 August 1881-11 March 1955) was a Scottish bacteriologist and Nobel Prize winner, best  known for his discovery of penicillin.
£10  Robert Burns (25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796) was a poet and a lyricist and is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland.
£20  Robert I (11 July 1274 – 7 June 1329), known as Robert the Bruce, was the King of Scots who secured Scotland's independence from England.
£50  Elsie Maud Inglis (16 August 1864 – 26 November 1917) was an innovative Scottish doctor and suffragette.
£100  Charles Rennie Mackintosh (7 June 1868 – 10 December 1928) was an architect, designer and artist.
World Heritage Sites

£5  St Kilda, was listed in 1986 for its natural heritage in 1986 (which was extended in 2004 to cover the marine environment),  and for its cultural heritage in 2005. It is one of only 24 locations with dual World Heritage Status.
£10  The Old & New Towns of Edinburgh was awarded its position in 1995.
£20  New Lanark was awarded its UNESCO designation in 2001.
£50  The Antonine Wall is the most recent addition, awarded its designation in 2008 as part of the ‘Frontiers of the Roman Empire’.
£100  Heart of Neolithic Orkney was made a World Heritage Site in 1999.

      Clydesdale Bank £50 banknote


       New £50 9th January 2006 A/CC David Thorburn  New Job Title  P225c


Bank of Scotland banknotes

The £50 note has won the IBNS Banknote of the Year award 2008.  I met Stuart Rost  the Designer

of the note at the Presentation held at The Bank of Scotland Head Office in Edinburgh  April 2008


       Bank of Scotland banknote Five Pound featuring Sir Walter Scott dated 17.9.07


       Bank of Scotland Robbie Burns at the Brig o'Doon, south Ayrshire


       Bank of Scotland banknote Ten pounds featuring Sir Walter Scott 17.9.07


       Bank of Scotland The Glenfinnan Viaduct, West Highlands


       Twenty pounds featuring Sir Walter Scott  and the Bank's Edinburgh Head Office 17.9.07


       Bank of Scotland banknote Forth Railway Bridge


       Bank of Scotland banknote Fifty pounds featuring Sir Walter Scott 17.9.07

The £50 note has just won the IBNS Banknote of the Year award.  I met Stuart Rost  the Designer

of the note at the Presentation held at The Bank of Scotland Head Office in Edinburgh  April 2008


       Bank of Scotland banknote The Falkirk Wheel


       Bank of Scotland banknote One hundred pounds featuring Sir Walter Scott 17.9.07


       Bank of Scotland The Kessock Bridge, Inverness


       Bank of Scotland Replacement Banknote Five pounds  ZZ  17.9.07


       Bank of Scotland Replacement Banknote Ten pounds  ZZ  17.9.07


       Bank of Scotland Replacement Banknote Twenty pounds  ZZ  17.9.07


       Bank of Scotland Replacement Banknote Fifty pounds  ZZ  17.9.0.

 SPECIMENS  :- A sheet of each denomination was sold at the Charity auction held at the

Head Office of the Bank of Scotland.  The notes were not overprinted with the word SPECIMEN,

though each note had the  serial number AA 000000


Banks that issued banknotes in Scotland

Aberdeen Banking Company, Aberdeen Town & County Banking Company, Air Bank, Ayr Bank, Arbroath Banking Company, Ayr Banking Company, Bank of Aberdeen, Banking Company of Aberdeen, Bannockburn Ironworks, Batson Berry & Company, Batson Berry & Langhorn, Belsh & Company. The British Linen Company, Caithness Banking Company, Caledonian Banking Company, Campbell Thomas & Company, Carrick Brown & Company, The Carron Co, The Central Bank of Scotland, City Bank, The City of Glasgow Bank, Clydesdale Banking Company, Cochrane Murdoch & Company, Company of the Bank of Aberdeen, Craw & Company, The Cupar Banking Company, Dempster & Company, Dennistoun Nicholson Inglis & Company, Douglas, Heron & Company, Douglas John Napier & Company, The Dumfries Bank, The Dumfries Commercial Bank, The Dundee Banking Company, The Dundee Commercial Bank, The Dundee New Bank, The Dundee Union Bank, Dunlop Alexander & Houston & Company, Dunlop Houston Gemmell & Company, East Lothian Banking Company, The Eastern Bank of Scotland, The Edinburgh & Glasgow Bank, The Edinbrugh & Leith Bank, The Falkirk Banking Company, The Falkirk Union Banking Company, The Fife Banking Company, Forbes, James Hunter & Company, The Galloway Banking Company, The Glasgow & Ship Bank, The Glasgow Arms Bank, The Glasgow Banking Company, The Glasgow City Bank, The Glasgow Joint Stock Bank, The Glasgow Merchant Bank, The Glasgow Ship Bank, The Glasgow Union Banking Company, The Greenock Banking Company, The Greenock Bank Company, The Greenock Union Bank, Hay & Ogilvie, Hunters & Company, Inglis Borthwick Gilchrist & Company, Inglis & Company, Johnston Hugh Lawson & Company, Keller & Co, The Kilmarnock Bank, The Kilmarnock Banking Company, Leith Banking Company, Maberly & Company, McAdam & Company, McKeith Rintoul & Company, Mansfield Hunter & Company, Mansfield Ramsey & Company, Maxwell, John Ritchie & Company, The Merchant Bank of Stirling, The Merchant Banking Company of Glasgow, The Montrose Bank, The Montrose Banking Company, Moores, Carricks & Company, Murdoch Robertson & Company, Napier & Co, The North British Bank, The North of Scotland Bank Limited, The North of Scotland & Town & County Bank Limited, The Paisley Banking Company, The Paisley Commercial Banking Company, The Paisley Union Bank, The Paisley Union Banking Company, The Perth Banking Company, The Perth Union Bank, The Perth United Company, Ramsay & Company, Ramsays Bonars & Company, The Renfrewshire Banking Company, Robertson Jr. & Company, The Shetland Bank, The Ship Bank, The Southern Bank of Scotland, Stewart Buchanan & Company, Stewart & Company, TheStirling Banking Company, The Stirling Mechant Banking Company, Stornaway Bank, The Thistle Bank, The Town & County Bank Limited, The Tweed Bank, The Union Bank of Scotland, Wedderspoon & Company, The Western Bank of Scotland

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