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polymer errors or not

So Called Polymer Errors

As I understand it to print a polymer banknote it has to undergo at least seven production stages.  So to get a polymer banknote with a uniface side (no printing one side) it would have to suffer production and control failure at these seven stages? Impossible as page 355 of English Paper Money 9th edition states.  The first process adds a white coating to both sides at the same time (omitting the window areas) so to have only one side coated is impossible.  In the 30 years plus since modern polymer banknotes have been produced in their billions for dozens of countries, there are NO known errors with the white layer missing.  The banknotes/sheets are checked at every production stage by sophisticated electronic monitors as well as human eyes, so for a banknote to pass these checks is impossible.  The more complex the error is, the more unlikely it is.  All the banknotes on auction sites are fake and for one seller to have ‘found’ more than one well!  ‘Caveat Emptor’ Buyer Beware.  Under ‘British Law’ it is an offence to deface a British banknote.


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