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Edward Elgar £20 banknote withdrawn 30th June 2010



        Sir Edward Elgar 1857- 1934 on the reverse of the withdrawn £20 banknote


       British Banknote The First prefix DE41 on the Elgar £20 banknote signed by Bailey


       British Banknote The last prefix EH40 on the Elgar £20 banknote signed by Bailey


         A major error - missing print on the front of the Elgar £20 banknote


       Offset printing error whereby the sheet above has dried on the sheet below with the Queen now facing Elgar 


        Prefix number error  CJ62 to left  DJ62 to right

The Debden Security Printing the printing arm of The Bank of England prints hundred of millions of notes each year and make very few mistakes.  Their printing record on the whole is second to none.  The notes above are sought by collectors, if you have any new or old we will quote a buying price just   Email

We have a large website with two sections on British Banknotes - Banknotes for Sale - Banknotes Information. Both of which you can browse at your leisure

Although the notes are being withdrawn there are tens of thousands still out there - the only ones worth keeping are those in uncirculated mint condition with a first, last prefix or other special prefixes if you are thinking of putting them away for the future. All this and more can be found in a copy of  English Paper Money 9th edition @ £20 + £4 p&p in the UK




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