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the states of guernsey overprints

Guernsey Overprints

This list has been prepared in an effort to protect collectors from a few unscrupulous dealers who are selling faked overprints.  The list has been posted worldwide on our and various other websites, including the International Bank Note Society's (London branch).  We hope this thwarts the potential influx of fake overprints.  If the prefix / serial is not listed here there is a very high chance it is a fake.  Happy Collecting Pam.

 If after looking at the listing you find you have an overprinted banknote where the prefix/serial is not listed, send a scan at 200dpi as a jpeg and we will add it to the listing.

The list below are the known sellers of fake overprints of all countries and types on ebay.  Collated by Colonel Joe Boling and listed online on the IBNS Forum

alhambra-notes       bcustomsrnb
trendyboyrnb           luvinallsaints2011
andalucia-notes       forevermirin321

Some of the above have two or more names and have changed their online names over a period of time.


Mahon B212A  Genuine Overprint


Mahon B212A  Genuine Prefix & Serial Listing

B212A  48 known  Type A  September 18th 1941, full stop after year, front only.

A61 152493  
A74 671003  
A76 760129  
A91 031709  
B17 085044  
B23 024667  
B46 754532  
B56 401645  
B64 542032 544027
B77 524831  
B94 367230  
C06 837967  
C09 227679  
C19 625204  
C36 *702768  
C57 727109  
C72 620648  
C76 082251  
C84 911436  
C95 463719  
D16 105199  
D35 265042  
D44 422642  
D52 501677  
D80 127957  
D82 179514  
D83 757591  
D89 672362 673089
D94 154877  
D98 553945 974010
E17 282558  
E45 795478  
E62 496252  
E97 922730  
F31 208489 345197
F32 881751 884472
F40 765707  
F64 954048  
F96 876774  
G48 901157 904750
G54 337219  
H10 295499  

* C36  Overprint doubled on reverse  


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