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Mahon B212A
Catterns B225A B226A
Peppiatt B238A
Peppiatt B239A A--A to C--A
Peppiatt B239A D--A
Peppiatt B239A E--A
Peppiatt B239A H--A to L--A
Peppiatt Blue B249A
Peppiatt B239B B239C
Overprint Article
Scans Genuine + Fake
the states of guernsey overprints

Guernsey Overprints

Scans below are taken from actual banknotes


B239A  Genuine Overprint


B239A Fake 1

Thinner font / typeface, larger W, dot not sitting on top of i's, o's thinner at top & bottom, 9 is too tall with flat base,

thinner 1's, full stop smaller and spaced away from year 



B239A Fake 2

Light blue ink not dark blue, capital C hooks in too much, 9 totally wrong


B249A Genuine Overprint


B249A Fake 1

Black ink not blue, no dot after 1941 


B249A Fake 2

Ink has run at edges, rectangular dot not sitting on top of i's, 1 has protrusion, 9 has round tail


B239B  Genuine Overprint

B239B  Fake not seen  YET


B239C  Genuine Overprint


B239C Fake

Thinner font / typeface, larger W, dot not sitting on top of i's, 1's are too thin, 9 is too tall



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