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waterlow book

In 2018 a Waterlow Sample book from c.1930s turned up in auction with an estimate of £100-£150.  The book belonged to a Waterlow representative and it was probably taken home, put on the book shelf and never opened for almost ninety years.  Over the next few pages you will find pictures we took with a tablet whilst viewing the lot.  The book having never been opened was almost impossilble to hold flat on the trestle table in a dark corner of the auction viewing room, i was leaning over Pete's shoulder, hence the pictures are at an angle.  The book was eventually sold for over £250,000 and has since been split up, the banknotes removed from the 71 pages and sold.  The book had a white leather cover, the first two pages are complete banknotes, the majority of the balance are uniface proofs.  The numbers on the top margin of the banknotes are to match obverse with reverse. We thank Spink for allowing us to publish the pictures we took.  Please note that Spink own the copyright to the pictures.  

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