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english paper money 8th edition updates

                    English Paper Money Updates

8th Edition

Treasury Banknotes, White Banknotes, English Banknotes, Specimen Banknotes, etc

'T' No           Page       Update                                       


T12-3  10s 33 traced to  C2/86    


T25  10s 72 traced to  H/41    
T30  10s 76 traced to  S/75    
T33   £1 79 traced to  W/80    
T35   £1 81 traced to  X1/42    


'B' No Page        Update                                         


B200  £10 105 dated 1790 & 1793      


B229g  £10  158 Newcastle £10      


B326s  £10 224 A00 000000 specimen      
B328s  £20 225 A00 000000 specimen      
B330p  £10 226 B330p not B333p      

I was informed that a majority of B377 notes are formed up from the Column Sort process & H70 is not the last.  This needs to be proved?   Please send in Prefix / Serials of notes held to clarify.


'B'  No           Page        Update    


B398  £5 285 Confirmation of prefix LA wanted    
    add  LE    
    last run  LE90    
    Sightings of LE46 to LE89 ?    
B400  £10 287 Delete DA--   does not exist    
    add  HJ    
    add  JD  JE  JH  JJ  JK    
    add  KA  KB  KC
    last run  KC40?  phone with sighting    
B402  £20 288  Delete EJ--   does not exist    
    Last run  EH40     £45  £110  £240     
B404  £50 289  First run  L01    
    Last run  R70    
    Column Sort L71 to L?    
    L87 seen, what have you seen    
B405  £20 290 add  EK    
    add  HA  HB  HC  HD  HE
    last run  HE80    

 £20 HE Bailey being issued after more than three years of Salmon banknotes??


'B' No             Page           Update      


B407  £5 293 The First  LE46  082001      
                                   LE LH  LJ LK      
    MA  MB  MC  MD90   or higher?      
B408  £10 293 The First  JH01  033001      
                                     JH  JJ      
    ??   KB KC KD KE KH KJ KK      
            LB LC LD LE LH40      
B409  £20 294 The First  HA01  000001      
    HA HB ?? HD HE HH HJ HK      
    JA JB  JC JD JE JH JJ40  or higher?
B410  £50 295 The First AA01 000001 to The Queen      
    AA  AB  AC  AD  AE  AH  AJ70      

B410 £50 AM seen on leaflet.



  B410 £50 Chris Salmon AA01 first prefix banknotes


'B' No

Victoria Cleland

B411  £10 296                  LH01  LJ  LK      
    MA  MB  continuing      
B412  £20 296                                JH41  JJ  JK      

KA  KB   KC  KD   continuing  

B413  £50 296 AJ36  AK  continuing      
B414  £5 297 ?      

£5 Churchill polymer out  2016


Line Page  Updates - Omissions       
35 165 add 1 to 3 Nov 1943 (13)      
11 322 ...on page 298)      


 If you have any Updates, Information or Scans please send in to Pam. 

Email   or   Phone  0208 641 3224




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