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Welcome to the Biggest Website for Banknote Collectors


The Website is divided into two main areas

  •  Selling - Browse Notes          Click:  Browse Notes   on Top Bar 

  •  Information - News & Info     Click:  News & Info     on Top Bar 


Selling - Browse Notes

Selling / Browse Notes is the main function of the website.  banknotes are loaded up individually:- Catalogue number - Prefix - Grade 1 - Grade 2 - Price - Special Information (First, Replacement, Specimen, etc).  This information is displayed as text on lines for banknotes you see for sale. When the line is clicked this and the extra information and scans are picked up and displayed.


SEARCH BOX @ left to find ANY selected item ie: ANY signature, ANY catalogue number, ANY bank, ANY date, ANY serial type, etc

You can type anything into the SEARCH BOX  and all thoughs items will come up.                        


Choose A Category


These are the categories you first see, after clicking on one you will be offered further options: 

English                                    Guernsey                                 Irish 

Isle of Man                             Jersey                                      Military

Miscellaneous                        Postal Orders                        Promotional/Souvenir

Provincials/Town Banks       Scottish 


If you click on  English  you will be offered the following categories:

Bank of England                    Column Sorts                     Debden Sets

Error Notes + Pairs              First and Lasts                   Guernsey Overprints

Mid 01's & 99's                     Replacements                     Special Prefix Serials

Specimens                            Treasury Notes                    Trials / Essays

White Notes


If you click on  Bank of England  you will be offered six options these are mid prefix banknotes.

Some banknotes only exist as firsts so will only be found in  First and Lasts:

10s                                           £1                                            £5

£10                                          £20                                          £50


If you click on  First and Lasts  you will be offered:

True Firsts & Lasts             Britannia 1928/60                 Portrait 1960/79

Pictorial 1970/94               Historical 1990 on


The  True First & Last  category will show you all the actual  True Firsts and Lasts  we have for sale. 

The other four will show you  Firsts & Lasts  in the banknote types and date ranges shown.



SECURITY  when buying is paramount. The site is protected by a secure server and your details are not shown until we accept your order and request the payment details.  We are also accredited with Trustwave, the Credit Card company's security body.  All your purchases are 100% secure


How to find your banknote


Picture Library (banknotes not for sale)

Many banknotes are featured, look for your banknote or similar, there should be a catalogue number under the scan. You can type anything into the Search Box (on the Browse Notes section of the site) click on GO. And it should come up. The Picture Library is to be found on the News & Info section of the site


Treasury  1914 to 1928

Notes have 'T' English Paper Money catalogue numbers  T1 to T35.  The notes are signed by two Treasurers, John Swanwick Bradbury and Norman Fenwick Warren Fisher. There are three designs, First and Second Issues both with red ten shillings and black one pound and Third Issue, brown and green George V to right.  Britannia or St George to left    

Bank of England  1694 to date

Notes have 'B' English Paper Money catalogue numbers  B200 to B410. All the notes are signed by the Chief Cashier. The list below shows the span of 'B' catalogue numbers, plus dates, for that particular signature / Chief Cashier

Town Banknotes / Provincials / Private Banks

Most main towns in England and Wales in the late eighteenth and nineteenth century opened their own Banks. A large majority went bankrupt. Some of the issued banknotes were redeemed but most went unpaid, 50% have dividend payment and or bankruptcy handstamps. See Surrey provincials on the Picture Library.


Signatures of the Bank of England Chief Cashiers


White Banknotes


          Newland,  Hase,  Rippon,  Marshall,  May,  Bowen   B200 to B207   1797 to 1902



        Nairne  John Gordon       B208     1902 to 1918



        Harvey  Ernest Musgrave      B209    1918 to 1925



Britannia Banknotes  


           Mahon  Cyril Patrick       B210 to B222    1925 to 1929



           Catterns  Basil Gage       B223 to B234    1929 to 1934



        Peppiatt  Kenneth Oswald      B235 to B264    1934 to 1949 



          Beale  Percival Spencer      B265 to B270    1949 to 1955



Helmeted Britannia Banknote    £5 only


          O'Brien  Leslie Kenneth       B271 to B287    1955 to 1962



Portrait Banknotes 


          Hollom  Jasper Quintus       B288 to B300    1962 to 1966



           Fforde  John Standish       B301 to B319    1966 to 1970



Pictorial Banknotes 


          Page   John Brangwyn      B320 to B340    1970 to 1980 



          Somerset  David Henry Fitzroy     B341 to B354    1980 to 1988  



        Gill  George Malcolm      B353 to B359    1988 to 1991



Historical Banknotes  


          Kentfield   Graham Edward Alfred     B360 to B379    1991 to 1998



          Lowther   Merlyn Vivienne     B380 to B397    1999 to 2003  



          Bailey   Andrew John     B398 to B406     2004 to 2011



          Salmon   Chris     B407 to B410     2011 to 2014



          Cleland   Victoria      B411 to B413          2015  ongoing




Notes have 'P' Pick catalogue numbers each Scottish Bank has its own set of numbers. All Scottish notes are dated, so go to the Bank you have, click any note, then click either side to progress to right date.  You can type anything into the Search Box (on the Browse Notes section of the site) then click on GO


Notes have 'P' Pick and 'PMI' Paper Money of Ireland catalogue numbers, each Irish Bank has its own set of numbers. Most Irish notes are dated, so go to the Bank you have, click any note, then click either side to progress to right date.  You can type anything into the Search Box (on the Browse Notes section of the site) then click on GO

All other Countries use 'P' Pick 

Information / News & Info

The News & Info section of the website is dedicated to banknote information including Replacements, Bernhard Forgeries, Prefix Updates, Pictures, Banknote History, Picture Library, etc,.  We welcome participation on this part of the site.  If you want an area covered just ask.

 About Pam

As a Dealer and Collector Pam enjoys going to shows and meeting clients – it is not a job, but, a lifestyle.

Pam is still involved with the IBNS (International Bank Note Society) after forty plus years and is at present Chairperson of the London Branch. In 2001 the Society had its fortieth anniversary where Pam was awarded the Silver Medal for services to the society.  In 2011 Pam was elected to the IBNS Hall of Fame and also received an award for services to the society over the past ten years.

Pam is proud to have published three editions of English Paper Money. The 6th edition winning IBNS book of the year, the 7th an honorary mention. In 2009 she published Paper Money of Ireland, which has not only become the definitive work on the subject but also won IBNS book of the year. In 2015 Pam published Isle of Man Paper Money, the definitive work on the Island's banknotes

A profile by John Andrews, can be found on News & Info, it pretty much tells you everything about her. Have a look.



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