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Pams Feedback 2021/2

August 2022

 Hi Pam, 

Thanks for the update of the parcel tracking history. 

I can confirm that I have received the post today and I am very happy about the quality of the notes. 

It has been a very pleasant experience of dealing with you. 

 PS. I started collecting English bank notes thanks to the book called "English Paper Money guide" which was published by Pam West. I was wondering if you plan to publish the new edition soon? If so, when will you open for pre-order?




Hi Pam,

 Thank you for coming back to me so quickly, it's good to have an idea of their worth.

 Many thanks,



Hi Pam 

Don’t remember if I confirmed receipt of the second package or not but it’s arrived safely . So I think that’s all for now isn’t it ? 

What I’ll do is , after the various sept/October auctions are finished I will see what I still need and send you a truly up to date wants list . 

Thank you for all your help over the past couple of months . The new collection is starting to take shape.

 So until October I wish you all the best Pam .. please don’t retire yet !! We all need you . 

DM  Thailand


Dear Pam,

 THANK YOU!!!!! My order arrived today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smile

Has the Royal Post been using an SST to deliver mail across the pond!!!!!????

Most pleased indeed.Tada


All best regards.




From a satisfied seller of their banknotes to us:


Thank you Pam … and thank you for making it so straightforward.


Kind regards  JE   UK


July 2022

 Dear Pam,

Thank you very much for the excellent banknote which I received today at the Post office.

I am looking forward to some other purchases in your shop in the next months.


HJG Germany


Hi Pam,

Thanks for banknote.

All arrived in best order, safe and sound.





June 2022

Hi Pam:

My latest order received. Very impressed! Thanks for a wonderful service


TS   Canada


Dear Pamela,

 I received the banknote without a problem and it is perfect, I like it.

 Thank you.   Best regards, 
      Mr I  Switzerland


May 2022

 Dear Pam


I just want ot inform you, that your registered letter with Scotland P-333a SPECIMEN

arrived last Friday in best mint condition. There were no problems by customs - your

declaration was perfect.


Thanks for the banknote and for the business.


JR  Switzerland


Hello Pam,

 The note was received yesterday and it looks fantastic and well presented. A great service so many thanks.

 Kind Regards



Hello Pam,

 Thank you for the payment.


I will certainly try for you.

I usually visit Mum on a Sunday - she doesn’t live near me - so I’ll probably send onto you next week at some point.


It really has been a pleasure dealing with you Pam. Enjoy the rest of your week at home, kindest regards



April 2022

Hello Pam,

I received the two Lady Lavery banknotes I ordered this morning.  I’m very happy with them.  Thank you for your prompt and secure postage.


 Kind regards   Stephen Seawright


Pam, meant to text you yesterday on receipt of the note. I'm happy with it and thank you for not charging postage even though it was below the cut off limit. Your service is second to none, will be in touch,



March 2022


I wanted to let you know that the package arrived safe and sound today.  I am delighted with the notes and want to again thank you for tracking down a copy of the 9th edition – and I will be looking forward to the 10th edition.  Thank you very much!




Thanks very much for the fast reply – and, of course, no apology needed!  Thank you also for locating a copy of the 9th edition – and I would like to buy it (I  have copies of the 6th, 7th, and 8th).  Do you have plans for a 10th edition?  If so, I will make sure to purchase it before your stock runs out!  The approximate cost of post is fine.  Thanks again for getting back to me so soon – and I look forward to the book and the bank notes – and I know that I will be as pleased with them as I have been with the notes I’ve purchased from you in the past.




Many thanks for replying to my email, Pam. Your advice is appreciated.


Steve  NZ


February 2022

 Just to let you know I received the item yesterday in excellent condition many thanks 




January 2022

Good morning Pam

Just a quick line to thank you for the notes. Superb and thrilled to have a £10 Ploughman...I now have one of each denomination but still plenty of variations left before digging into Northern Ireland so more

Kind regards    HC  UK

Hi Pam

Note arrived thank you, absolutely beautiful.

Regards    RH  UK


December 2021

Hello Pam,

Yes, thank you, it's arrived safely.

I hope the purchase of the collection will prove to be successful for you. I am very pleased that you have them - I'm sure it is what he would have wanted to happen - and that they are available again for other people to enjoy and treasure.

With best wishes to you and your family for Christmas and for the coming year,

Kind Regards,   ST  UK


Dear Pam,

Just a quick note to thank you very much for the Kentfield £50 banknote received this morning. Quite superb condition!

Kind regards and have a good Christmas



As usual, I panicked just that little bit too quickly. Notes arrived this morning. Very happy with them.

Please ignore my earlier e-mail.

Thanks again



Hi Pam,

because it had to go through the customs the package needed more time.

Thanks a lot for the very nice two banknote as described.

Have a nice Christmas time and best wishes from Germany

WL  Germany


 November 2021

Hi Pam

The notes had a nice holiday at Heathrow but finally arrived today.  All good

Thanks     RD  Australia


Dear Pam,

Thank you so much for your quick response, and for taking the time to look at this. 

Indeed they have lived... I will have a think,

Thank you again for your time, it's much appreciated.

Kind regards     Sophie  UK


Hello Pam

Thanks for the note, it’s perfect! 

Best regards   MM Jersey


October 2021

Hi Pam:

I meant to let you know that your latest shipment arrived in good order (on Tuesday, I think).

Many thanks for the nice notes and the great service in finding me those first prefixes!

Kind regards,    CB  USA


Dear Pam

Received the items. All Perfect


PG   Australia


September 2021

Dear Pam,

Once again thank you so much, the whole set arrived yesterday, everything is OK. It is simply amazing. I can see that the perfect packing must have taken you a lot of your time and effort.

Now I am looking forward to next deal as soon as more new notes appear.

Till then have a really good time.

Kind Regards

VP  Czech Republic


Dear Pam,

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the quality of the notes received this morning,

Kind regards



Morning Pam

Banknotes arrived this morning, very pleased with both notes. 



Hi Pam

The notes arrived on Tuesday - that’s a record this side of the pandemic!  All good with these notes

Many thanks   RD  Australia

Hello Pam

The B258 arrived safe and sound this morning. What a wonderful note it is, thank you



July 2021

Hello there Pam

I have bought several notes off you over recent months and (the latest one was an  HZ62 one pound note) and would just like to say that I think your products are very good and I will certainly buy others from you (when something comes up). 

Kind regards     Paul   UK


Hi Pam,

I just wanted to let you know that my bank note has just been delivered.  It is a splendid note. Thanks for your help with this order.

By the way, the tracking system was very helpful.

Regards,    RB  Australia


Good afternoon Pam

Just thought you’d like to know that the above note was delivered safely today.

It now sits with the £20 (same serial number) I purchased from you a while ago.

Many thanks for all your help in this matter; as always, it’s great dong business with you.

With kind regards    MT  UK


Dear Pam

Thanks very much for your excellent support: this B418 is special to me and only possible because you were prepared to buy five notes to get this one for me!  Your package arrived a few minutes ago and payment has been made to your Barclays account.

Best regards,



Dear Pam,

The notes arrived safely today. I am very pleased.




I wanted to let you know all of the notes arrived safely last week.  They are all superb and am happy to have them in my collection.  Thank you for them.

Thanks for all of your help.



June 2021

Hi Ms. Pamela-- The banknotes arrived in perfect condition- I am very happy.  Much respect, CF  USA


Hi Pam,

Thanks very much for getting back to me and letting me know, really appreciate it 😊




Dear Pam,

I picked up the parcel from my friend today.

The note is perfect!

Many thanks for your first class service!

Stay safe!

Best wishes,      M from Hungary


Dear Pam,

I received this note today.

Thank you again for your exemplary service in difficult times. Much appreciated.

Respectfully,    DM   Japan


May 2021

 A quick note to say that I might finally be leaving these shores to live abroad , maybe as soon as June/ July ?

The point of this e-mail is to thank you for your past help and to say delete my wants list from your records .

Many thanks again Pam

Best Wishes



Hi Pam,

 Just sending you an email to say thank you for your help amending and sending my order, I received this yesterday and I am very pleased with the notes. I also like the fact that the packaging says 'photos' on it so that it does now draw attention to what it contains. 

I will definitely keep looking on your site to see if there are any more notes that I like in the future.

 Kind regards,      CR  UK


April 2021

Hi Pam,

Note safely received. Thank you. Very pleased with it.

Best wishes,     JW    UK


Hello Pam,

 today I’ve received the two banknotes. Thanks a lot for the very nice notes as described.

 Best wishes     WL  Germany

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