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pams old feedback

June 2017

Dear Pam,

I sincerely confirm I received the 4 notes. They are all excellent.

I appreciate your nice services.

Thanks & best regards,
M.   Taiwan


May 2017

Hi Pam

Just a quick email

Thanks for my second order from you.

Description of note was spot on again, well pleased.

First class service, great website. I like the way you show the actual note.

Have got my eye on a couple more, will do business again.

Thanks again.

Newbie collector.




Dear Pam

I have received my notes, they are spectacular!!! Thank you.

Kind Regards


April 2017

Dear Pam,

I sincerely confirm I received the 3 notes today. I really appreciate your fast and fine services. It's my honor to be one of your customers.

Best regards,
M.  Taiwan

Hi Pam,

Picked up the package today, everything is great, thank you!!!  Thank you for the gifts too!  If you get any other test/promotional material please let me know.  I am always up for acquiring more material with respect to security printing firms.

Have a great weekend and best regards,



Thanks Pam. That was the reply I was expecting.

I’m impressed at how quickly you responded.



Dear Pam, Thank you very much for your confirmation. I'm delighted to be one of your customers. Thanks & best regards, Mark / Taiwan

Thank you so much, it's really kind of you to reply and I hope I didn't waste your time. I think I might hang on to it, it's in perfect condition. Thanks for your help


Thank you..... 

... your speedy response and comments are very much appreciated.

Kind regards.



From: CK
Sent: 15 March 2017 09:37
Subject: British £1 notes replacement with g


Hello Pam,

I have just found 2 £1 notes (with g on the back) that my father had kept.   They are in used condition, ie one with folds and the other stained with a tear in the bottom.   Can you give me some idea of how much they might be worth as I understand they are quite rare.



On Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 9:59, Pamela West <> wrote:

Dear Carol,

Thank you for your email, sorry, they are not rare – the R on the reverse is scarce, but, G – they made over 38million.

They are worth face value in the condition you describe.

We sell mint condition G reverse notes for £18.


Pam West

Dear Pam,   Thanks for swift reply.   Not that rare at all!   Worth a try.  




Hi Pam,

Thank you for your feedback.
I will follow your suggestion, seeing that they don't have anything more than its face value.
Thanks once again for your time.
Best Regards,




Thanks for the quick replies and for the valuation. Both were much appreciated.

Best regards Phil


Thank you for your prompt reply. I have had it since the 80's so shall hang onto it for a few more years!

Kind Regards




Hi Pam

Thank you for the very swift response :-)

kind regards



Until now I have only listed emails from customers, rather than the hundreds of people we buy from privately or help with advice, so, will, in future add these.



 Dear Pam,

Noticed deposit made to my account today.

Thank you, a pleasure doing business with you.

If I can ever be of assistance please do not hesitate to ask.

We live in Beverley, Yorkshire.

Kind Regards




Dear Miss,

I had received the banknotes yesterday evening. Deeply appreciate for your lightning responses and top conditions of the banknotes.

Hope to have the chance to cooperate next time.

Thanks again.

 AY  China



Dear Pam

Just to let you know, I received today morning all beautiful banknotes in perfect conditions.

At end February I will order again, ok?

Thank you very much indeed.

Kind regards

AH   Brazil



Dear Pam

 I received the ZZ/1 Clydesdale Bank 5 Pounds 2016 Replacement today. Many Thanks, nicely packed. Have a nice day.

Best Regards,




Dear Mrs. West, 

I’ve received the perfect-UNC Irish banknotes yesterday. Thank you very much 👍🏻😊


RW  Indonesia 



Hi Pam

Package arrived yesterday. Thanks. Tony said the notes were lovely specimens, so he’s greatly chuffed!

Thanks again.





Dear Sirs,

My banknotes have just arrived safe and I am very pleased with them, thank you.

I will be sending you another order soon.

Yours faithfully




Hi Pam ,

Just made payment should be in your account within 2 hours .

I really hope to get to a banknote fair or two next year now I am more or less retired and hope to see you there . You won't remember I'm sure but you were actually the first dealer to speak to me when I first started to collect all those years ago 

We were in a  small auction room somewhere in London , I had no idea what I was doing , and you and Colin Narbeth made me feel very welcome and for that I am always grateful

Many thanks again and a Happy Christmas to yourself and Pete .





Just a quick email to say that the notes (Set of 4 Clydesdale matching Burns Poems) arrived safely today.  Many thanks for the excellent service, and I look forward to your next newsletter.  Your newsletters are far more fun and informative than the boring stuff I get from other sites and shops J

Thanks again,




Good evening Pam,

I wanted to express my thanks concerning an online order I had placed just over a week ago. The order consisted of three of the new five pound notes that began circulating in September. I was unable to locate any here in Canada, but Don Olmstead suggested I contact your business. I had placed the order last week and the notes arrived today in perfect condition. I am very impressed, to say the least, with the efficiency with which the order was handled. I shall be looking to you for any futher orders of British notes that I wish to add to my collection. Again, many thanks for a job well done!


All the best,


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