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Pams old feedback 2018


Dear Pam,    Very many thanks for your prompt reply and I wish you a peaceful 2018.   

Kindest regards   




hi pam,


Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to respond. I'm hopeful that this information will be really helpful for the chap in question. 


Thank you again, it is truly appreciated .


I hope you have a lovely Christmas,


many thanks,



Dear Pamela West.

I am typing this email with a rather large smile on my face and a huge sense of satisfaction mixed with relief. 'And why is that?' I hear you ask. 

I finally took the plunge and have had my collection of some 125 notes sent away for grading by PCGS and subsequent valuations for insurance purposes via the Australian agent in Hobart (Tasmanian Numismatics). After a lengthy wait and a fairly hefty bill my notes have been safely returned to me.

As you can imagine I was very excited on seeing the outcome, and upon looking through them along with the insurance valuation I felt it only right to get in touch with you and share in my joy.

Approximately 90% of my British collection was purchased through yourself, and all the notes have come back with better than expected gradings. It is with great pleasure that I can share with you that one outstanding note brought from you (£5 J.B.Page '73-'80) is now the jewel in my collection with a grading of 69PPQ and valued at $750AUS (Purchase price from you in 2015 $57AUS).

Please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude on the quality, standards and excellent service that you have provided my since I started collecting a few years ago. I will hopefully one day be able to have an entire collection of modern English paper money, hopefully being able to acquire a note of all signature variants. 

I will now obviously try to source this endeavour through you and look forward to browsing back through your vast vault of notes for sale once again and into the future.

Best wishes

A     Australia



Dear Pam,

May I please reconsider your offer. I have had nothing but grief with these notes from time wasters and idiots.

I was hoping someone would appreciate these and maybe keep on the island. 

I feel they would be better in your hands where a genuine buyer might find them.

My apologies for messing you around.

Yours faithfully 

DM (an Island)



Thanks you very much Pam, payment received and I'm very satisfied with the deal.

Best wishes




Hi just to advise my order of wallets arrived quickly and safely ,,

Many thanks 




Dear Pam,

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain the ways of a serious collector, it is really appreciated and most illuminating. 

I will pass this on to my father as I think it frees him to sell some of the series notes if he wishes without damaging the value of the notes that remain. He is still somewhat surprised that there is a market for the notes he has.

Thanks again




Dear pam, 

Good news. I have received the albums and they are perfect. 

Just what i wanted.

Thank you. 

RA  India



Thank you Pam

Note received.  Beautiful

Thanks once again




Hi Pam just wanted to say a big thanks to you. Just got in from work and what was waiting for me in the mail was my banknote from you so has made my weekend here and it' got here safely and what I wanted anyway just wanted  to let you know Thanks again and will be back for more have a great evening 🍀

PQ  Ireland



Dear Pam,

I received your cheque this morning – many thanks. It’s is a pleasure to deal with you.





Dear Pamela,

Today on 27th of August, I received pair notes 3--.

I confirmed all I had expected.  I am very much satisfied with them.

I would like to say Thank you again.

Best regards,


Tokyo, Japan



Hi Pamela

We received our parcel today and my husband and I are very pleased. We have polymer bills here in Canada and while some dislike them I prefer them and the Churchill notes are quite lovely.

Thanks for your great service and I hope we'll do business again.

J  - Canada


July 2017

Hi Pam

Congrats on a really insightful website detailing the Bernhards. I myself am more of a militaria collector and came across Bernhards from time to time but paid little attention as I am used to seeing so many fakes of everything that I steer clear when not versed in subject.

However these caught my attention recently and I purchased one at auction as I felt my military collection would benefit having one and have been reading up on them and become quite fascinated. I think now I will have to get the set!

I did have a question that perhaps you could kindly help me with?

Is there any way of telling Lake found ones, from those that got used in shady dealings? Are all the lake ones water stained or are the serials recorded from those recovered? I particularly ask as the one I have purchased has a very faint 'counter stamping' on it and I am wondering if this was some kind of bank stamp when it was seen to be a fake or something else, or indeed something the forgers added to make some look like they had been counted in batches or similar?

Any advice you can offer I'd be most interested to hear.

Once again thanks for putting up the page, fascinating reading

Kind regards




Hi Pam:

Re: English Paper Money 9th edition

Thank you for the July 4th greeting.  Just to let you know the books arrived finally in good order on 23 June.  Somehow the delivery service pasted over the correct address label and ended up ion Grant Florida.  Received a telephone call  on my last day of my lecturing circuit in which I am invited to community area study groups similar to the “home school system” in which I have an audience ranging in ages from teen to seniors in their 80s and 90s. The postmaster at the office they were able to contact me by phone and left a voice mail.  Called him the next day Saturday.  Finally shipped from Grant Florida to Grant Township Michigan.  The book was professionally well crafted in information as well as clarity and appearance.  A real professional work and a masterpiece.  





Hi Pam

I collected the notes this morning from Sutton PO as was in Aberdeen for the weekend.  That was a rapid dispatch they arrived on the 05/07. All nice notes






Dear Pam

Thank you very much indeed for getting back to me so quickly and for offering your expert opinion. 

I am quite happy with your estimate as I paid £16 and it is an interesting addition to my collection. 

Thank you also for your online database which is most useful and very much appreciated. 

Best wishes





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