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english paper money 9th edition updates

                    English Paper Money Updates

      9th Edition

Treasury Banknotes - White Banknotes - English Banknotes - Specimen Banknotes - etc

'T' No       
Page      Update                                       


T10 58 B to 72   C to 36    
T20 73 C to 19    


T32 & T34 86 88 Z1/74 & Z1/75 not printed    


'B' No        
Page        Update                                         


B201g 117 1809 to 1829      
B201a 117 £1 1809 This is the wrong scan      


B203j 123 1846 to 1858      
B203k 123 £300 1846  large vignette      



     Hase B201a 1809  hand written date and serials


'B' No Page       


* 140 second 30th should be 31st      
* 141 * Portsmouth text as page 135 ED8      


B369s 291 DD00 Specimen also in Black      
B371cs 293 N-- [71] 76 to 97 [98]      


B404 323 B404cs  does not exist      


B409 329 JH80 Last      
    Look out for JJ      





'B' No
£       Update                                                                                  

Victoria Cleland

B411 332 £10 ME40 The Last      
B412 334 £20 JH  JJ  JK      
      KA KB KC KD KE KJ KH KK      
      LA40 The Last      
B413 335 £50 AJ  AK      
      BA   BB35 The Last ? seen BB24      
B414 polymer 336 £5 AA AB AC AD  AE AH AJ AK AL AM      
      BA  BB BC60 the Last ??? seen BC25      
B415 polymer 338 £10 AA AB AC AD  AE AH AJ AK AL AM      
      BA BB BC BD        BH BJ BK BL BM      
      CA CB CC CD CE CH CJ CK CL CM      
      DA DB DC DD DE DH DJ DK      
      DK54 The Last      
      BE not being used (Bank of England?)      

Sarah John

 All Polymer          
B416 polymer  - £20 AA AB AC AD AE AH  AJ  AK AL AM      
      BA  BB BC BD      BH  BJ  BK BL BM      
      CA CB CC CD CE CH CJ CK CL CM      
      DA DB DC      
B417 polymer  - £10 DJ01 DK       DM      
B418 polymer  - £50 AA  AB  AC AD      
B419 polymer  - £5 Expected  keep a look out  BD01 ???      




 If you have any Updates, Information or Scans please send in to Pam. 

Email   or   Phone  0208 641 3224








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