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Debden Security Sets/Packs
C101 to C112
C113 to C119
C122 to C128
C129 to C140
C141 to C151
C152 to C161
C162 to C169
C170 to C175 + W100 to W102 + Private
debden presentation sets/packs

Debden Security Printing Britannia Giftware


 C122  £5 HK97 prefix 1997 Hong Kong Handover 

 C122a  Packaging type 'a'  98 x 225mm

 C122a  Packaging type 'b'  174 x 199mm

 C122b  Gold Packaging for Minisheet of 12, 300 x 300mm 

 C122b  Minisheet of 12, 3 x 4  

 C122c  Overprinted sheet of 25, 5 x 7 (overprint in gutter between rows one and two) Tube packaging   

 C123  HM The Queen's Golden Wedding Anniversary 1997 Packaging for note & coin

 C124  Internal packaging HM50 B369 inside   

 C124  HM50 B369

C125  Kentfield £50 EP50 prefix with Gold proof £5 crown (missing)

 C126  YR19 year prefix £5 1998  

 C127  YR19 year prefix £10   

 C128  YR19 year prefix £20 1998   





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