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Debden Security Sets/Packs
C101 to C112
C113 to C119
C122 to C128
C129 to C140
C141 to C151
C152 to C161
C162 to C169
C170 to C175 + W100 to W102 + Private
debden presentation sets/packs

Debden Security Printing Britannia Giftware


Scans wanted of at 200jpg: C133 C136 C137 C155 C174  

C141  £50 B377 YR19 + £5 gold crown


  C142  Front Cover Special Run and Firsts 

 C142  1999 Special Run and Firsts  EA01 + DL99 999949 


 C143  1999 Special Run and Firsts KL01 + KK99 999786

  C144  1999 Special Run and Firsts DA01 + CL99 999205

 C145  Front Cover Special Run and First  £50's 

C145 1999 £50's Special Run and Firsts J01 + H99 999974

 C146  B364 DL99 001167


 C146  B375 CL99 001167


 C146  B377 H99 001167 £50 (Limited Edition of 1500) 

C147  1999 Firsts, matching serial set 

 C148  £20 Last and First AA01 and DA80

 C149  Millennium Year Prefix 2000 Packaging 

 C149  B380 £5 Lowther YR20 000074

 C150  Millennium Year Prefix 2000 Packaging 

 C150  B382 £10 Lowther YR20 000074 

 C151  Millennium Year Prefix + Silver Proof Crown 

 C151  B386 £20 Lowther YR20 000214  



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