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Debden Security Sets/Packs
C101 to C112
C113 to C119
C122 to C128
C129 to C140
C141 to C151
C152 to C161
C162 to C169
C170 to C175 + W100 to W102 + Private
debden presentation sets/packs

Debden Security Printing Britannia Giftware


I am a Buyer of Sets/Packs Especially with Low Serials

If offering sets for sale please quote the C or W number

              E Mail



 C113  Fifty Pounds Last & First Series 'D' & 'E'  E30 B361 


 C113  Kentfield A01 B377 1994


 C114  Framed St Pauls print  with Kentfield £50 E30 last prefix

C115 £50 Kentfield + 50p silver coin

 C116  Firsts Gill £5 A01 & £20 A01 1994 

 C117  Firsts Kentfield £10 A01 & £50 A01

 C118  Front Cover 1995

 C118  Uncut Pair of £20 E02

 C119  HM The Queen's 70th Birhtday 1996  

 C119  Kentfield HM70 £5 B364






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