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Debden Security Sets/Packs
C101 to C112
C113 to C119
C122 to C128
C129 to C140
C141 to C151
C152 to C161
C162 to C169
C170 to C175 + W100 to W102 + Private
debden presentation sets/packs

Debden Security Printing   Britannia Giftware

Scans wanted of at 200jpg: C133 C136 C137 C140 C155 C174

 C101  Gill £5 first prefix + £5 Silver proof crown


  C102  Last and First Set 1991 £20 Gill  20X B355

 C102  £20 Gill  A01 B358

 C103  1991 £5 Gill  20U B355 

 C103  £5 Gill  SE69 B353

 C104  Last and First Set 1992 £10 Kentfield  A01 B366

 C104  £10 Kentfield  KR30 B360

C105 £10 Kentfield A01 + 2 silver proof 10p coins

 C106  Front Cover  red leatheret binder   1993 February  FIRST PREFIXES

 C106  Kentfield  £5 R01 B362  £20 E01 B371  in red leatheret binder

 C106  Kentfield  £10 KN01 B360  £50 E01 B361

 C107/8  Front Cover 1993

 C107  £5 Kentfield  AB16/17/18 B363 Sheetlet

 C108  £5 Kentfield  AC01/02/03 B364 Sheetlet

 C109  Lasts £10 Kentfield 1994  KR30 B360 

 C109  £50 Kentfield  £50 E30 B361

 C110  Variant Design Last & First Pairs 1994  £5 Kentfield  AA01 B363 

 C110  £5 Kentfield  W18 B362

C111 Front cover

C111 £10 DD01 first

C111 £10 X49 last


 C112 Kentfield £20 first & Last prefix in blue binder

Extract from English Paper Money 8th edition page 308   copyrighted


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