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Debden Security Sets/Packs
C101 to C112
C113 to C119
C122 to C128
C129 to C140
C141 to C151
C152 to C161
C162 to C169
C170 to C175 + W100 to W102 + Private
debden presentation sets/packs

Debden Security Printing Britannia Giftware


I am a Buyer of Sets/Packs Especially with Low Serials

C152  HM The Queen Mother's 100th birthday.  Note QM10 + Crown + Stamp

C153  HM The Queen Mother's 100th birthday QM10

C154  £10 B382 QM10 + £5 silver proof crown

C156 The Queen Mother  QM10 £5 £10 £20 three boxes

C157  Lowther Last and First 2000  front cover

C157  Lowther LA80 B382 and AA01 B390

C158  Queen Victoria Centenary end of Victorian era 2001.  £10 QV10

C159  Front cover

C159  £5 Lowther VR10 with cupro-nickel £5 crown


C160  Front cover

C160  £10 Lowther VR10 with silver proof £5 crown

C161  £5, £10, & £20 VR10 with gold proof crown limited edition of 250




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