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Catalogue Number Conversion List
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Mahon, Catterns & Peppiatt
Beale, O'Brien, Hollom & Fforde
Page, Somerset, Gill & Kentfield
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catalogue number conversion lists

Conversion Lists

English Paper Money  to  Pick  to  Banknote Year Book

The list below gives a comparison from English Paper Money (B) to the Pick Catalogue (P) and the Banknote Yearbook (BE) Please note that the BNYB references go from the lowest catalogued number as there are several for each banknote


Series A Britannia up to B274 1928 to 1962

CASHIER VALUE EPM  Cat No Pick  Cat No BNYB  Cat Nos

Percival Beale

  10s B265 P368b BE28a
  10s B266 P368b BE30b
  10s B267 P368br BE29a
  £1 B268 P369b BE54a
  £1 B269 P369br BE55a
White £5 B270 P344 BE94a

Leslie O'Brien

  10s B271 P368c BE31a
  10s B272 P368cr BE32
  £1 B273 P369 BE56a
  £1 B274 P369r BE57a
White £5 B275 P345 BE95a
White £5 B276 P345 BE96a
Lion & Key £5 B277 P371 BE97a
Essay £1 B278 x x
Essay 10s B279 x x
Lion & Key £5 B280 P372 BE98a
Series C Portrait        
  £1 B281 P374a BE59a
  £1 B282 P374a BE61a
  £1 B283 P374b BE62a
  £1 B284 P374a BE63a
  £1 B285 P374ar BE60a
  10s B286 P373a BE33a
  10s B287 P373ar BE34a

Jasper Hollom

  £1 B288 P374c BE64b
  £1 B289 P374cr BE65a
  £1 B290 P374cr BE66a
  £1 B291 P374cr BE67a
  £1 B292 P374c BE68a
  £1 B293 P374cr BE69a
  10s B294 P373b BE35a
  10s B295 P373b BE37a
  10s B296 P373br BE36b
  £5 B297 P375a BE99a
  £5 B298 P375ar BE100a
  £10 B299 P376a BE153a
  not used B300 x x

John Fforde

  £1 B301 P374e BE70a
  £1 B302 P374er BE71a
  £1 B303 P374f BE74a
  £1 B304 P374fr BE75a
  £1 B305 P374e BE72a
  £1 B306 P374er BE73a
  £1 B307 P374e BE76a
  £1 B308 P374er BE77a
  10s B309 P373c BE38a
  10s B310 P373c BE39a
  10s B311 P373cr BE40c
  £5 B312 P274b BE101a
  £5 B313 P274br BE102
  £5 B314 P274b BE103a
  £5 B315 P274br BE104a
  £10 B316 P376b BE154a
  not used B317 x x
Series D Pictorial        
Shakespeare £20 B318 P380a BE203a
Shakespeare £20 B319 P380ar BE204


B277 to B280 are  Series B Helmeted Britannia  1957 to 1967



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