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catalogue number conversion lists

Conversion Lists

English Paper Money  to  Pick  to  Banknote Year Book

The list below gives a comparison from English Paper Money (B) to the Pick Catalogue (P) and the Banknote Yearbook (BE) Please note that the BNYB references go from the lowest catalogued number as there are several for each banknote



CASHIER VALUE EPM  Cat No Pick  Cat No BNYB  Cat Nos

Merlyn Lowther

Stephenson £5 B380 P382Ab BE123a
Stephenson £5 B381 P382Abr BE124b
P382c Does Not Exist £5      
Dickens £10 B382 P386b BE170a
Dickens £10 B383 P386br BE171a
Faraday £20 B384 P387b BE219a
Houblon £50 B385 P388b BE260a
Series E Historical        
£20 B386 P390a BE220a
Elgar £20 B387 P390ar BE221c
Darwin £10 B388 P389a BE172a
Darwin £10 B389 P389ar BE173b
Darwin £10 B390 P389b BE174a
Darwin £10 B391 P389br BE175b
Darwin £10 B392 P389b BE176
Fry £5 B393 P391a BE125a
Fry  £5 B394 P391ar BE126b
Fry  £5 B395 P391b BE127a
Fry  £5 B396 P391br BE128c
Fry  £5 B397 P391b BE127d

Andrew Bailey

Fry £5 B398 P391c BE129a
Fry £5 B399 P391cr BE130b
Darwin £10 B400 P389c BE177a
Darwin £10 B401 P389cr BE178c
Elgar £20 B402 P390b BE222a
Elgar  £20 B403 P390br BE223b
Boulton & Watt £50 B404 P388c BE262a
Adam Smith £20 B405 P392a BE224a
Adam Smith  £20 B406 P392ar BE225b

Chris Salmon

Fry £5 B407 P391d BE131a
Darwin £10 B408 P389d BE179a
Adam Smith  £20 B409 P392b BE226a
Boulton & Watt £50 B410 P393a BE264a

Victoria Cleland

Darwin £10 B411 P389e BE new
Adam Smith £20 B412 P392c BE new
Boulton & Watt £50 B413 P393b BE new
Churchill £5 B414 P ? BE new
Jane Austen £10 B415 P ? BE new




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