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Conversion Lists

English Paper Money  to  Pick  to  Banknote Year Book

The list below gives a comparison from English Paper Money (B) to the Pick Catalogue (P) and the Banknote Yearbook (BE) Please note that the BNYB references go from the lowest catalogued number as there are several for each banknote


Series C Portrait  to  B327

Series D Pictorial  from  B328

CASHIER VALUE EPM  Cat No Pick  Cat No BNYB  Cat Nos

John Page

  £1 B320 P374g BE78a
  £1 B321 P374gr BE79a
  £1 B322 P374g BE81a
  £1 B323 P374gr BE82a
  £5 B324 P375c BE105a
  £5 B325 P375cr BE106
  £10 B326 P376c BE155a
  £10 B327 P376cr BE156a
Shakespeare £20 B328 P380b BE205a
Shakespeare £20 B329 P380br BE206a
Nightingale £10 B330 P379a BE158a
Nightingale £10 B331 P379ar BE159a
Wellington £5 B332 P378a BE108a
Wellington £5 B333 P378ar BE109b
Wellington £5 B334 P378b BE110a
Wellington £5 B335 P378br BE111a
Wellington £5 B336 P378b BE112a
Newton £1 B337 P377a BE83a
Newton £1 B338 P377ar BE84
Newton £1 B339 P377a BE85a
Newton £1 B340 P377a BE86a

David Somerset

Newton £1 B341 P377b BE87a
Newton £1 B342 P377b BE88
Wellington £5 B343 P378c BE113a
Wellington £5 B344 P378c BE115a
Wellington £5 B345 P378c BE116a
Nightingale £10 B346 P379b BE160a
Nightingale £10 B347 P379b BE161a
Nightingale £10 B348 P379c BE162a
Nightingale £10 B349 P379c BE163a
Shakespeare £20 B350 P380c BE207a
Shakespeare £20 B351 P380d BE208a
Wren £50 B352 P381a BE253a

George Gill

Wellington £5 B353 P378f BE117a
Nightingale £10 B354 P379e BE164a
Shakespeare £20 B355 P380e BE109a
Wren £50 B356 P381b BE154a
Series H Historical        
Stevenson £5 B357 P382a BE118a
Faraday £20 B358 P384a BE210a
Faraday £20 B359 P384a BE210f

Graham Kentfield

Nightingale £10 B360 P379f BE165a
Wren £50 B361 P381c BE156a
Stevenson £5 B362 P382b BE119a
Stevenson £5 B363 P382Aa BE120a
Stevenson £5 B364 P382Aa BE121c
Stevenson £5 B365 P382Aar BE122b
Dickens £10 B366 P383a BE166a
Dickens  £10 B367 P383a BE167d
Dickens  £10 B368 P383ar BE167a
Dickens  £10 B369 P386a BE168c
Dickens  £10 B370 P386ar BE169c
Faraday £20 B371 P384b BE212a
Faraday £20 B372 P384b BE214b
Faraday £20 B373 P384br BE214a
Faraday £20 B374 P387a BE215a
Faraday £20 B375 P387a BE217a
Faraday £20 B376 P387ar BE218b
Houblon £50 B377 P388a BE257a
Houblon £50 B378 P388a BE259a/b
Houblon £50 B379 P388ar BE258c




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