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Catalogue Number Conversion List
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Bradbury & Fisher
Mahon, Catterns & Peppiatt
Beale, O'Brien, Hollom & Fforde
Page, Somerset, Gill & Kentfield
Lowther, Bailey, Salmon & Cleland

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catalogue number conversion lists

The list below comprises the Treasury banknotes from 1914 to 1928.  These banknotes were emergency issues in the beginning due the start of the First World War. The lowest denomination banknote at the time was the white £5 banknote. Gold sovereigns, silver and copper coinage circulating for every day use. Lower value banknotes (10s and £1) were introduced to alleviate the hoarding of gold and silver.


  Value EPM   Pick
Bradbury 1914 to 1919
First Issue 1914 Aug £1 T1 Full Stop P347 TR10a
  £1 T2 No full stop P347 TR10b
  £1 T3-1 Four digit serial P347 TR10c
  £1 T3-2 Five digit serial P347 TR10d
  £1 T3-3 Six digit serial P347 TR10e
  £1 T3-4 Seven digit serial P347 TR10f
  £1 T4-1 Four digit serial P347 TR11a
  £1 T4-2 Five digit serial P347 TR11b
  £1 T5-3a Dash Six digit serial 3mm D only P347 TR12a
  £1 T5-3b Dash Six digit serial 4mm D only P347 TR12a
  £1 T5-4a Dot Six digit serial B only P347 X
  £1 T5-4b Dot Seven digit serial B only P347 TR12b
  £1 T6 Six digit serial AA to LL P347 TR13a
  £1 T7 Four digit serial P347 TR13b
  10s T8 Dot P346 TR1b
  10s T9 Dash P346 TR1a
  10s T10 Dot P346 TR1c
Second Issue 1914 Oct  £1 T11-1 A to Z P349a TR14a
  £1 T11-2 A1 to Z1 P349a TR14b
  10s T12-1 A to M P348a TR2a
  10s T12-2 A1 to M1 P348a TR2b
  10s T12-3 A2 to C2 P348a TR2c
  10s T13-1 N to Z P348a TR3a
  10s T13-2 O1 to Z1 P348a TR3b
Dardanelles Overprint £1 T14 F J M P P349b TR15
Dardanelles Overprint 10s T15 Y & Z P348b TR4
Third Issue 1917/18 £1 T16 A to H P351 TR16a+
  £1 T16 Anchor X TR16d
  10s T17 Dot P350a TR5a
  10s T18 Dash P350a TR5b
  10s T19 Dot red serials P350b TR6a
  10s T20 Dash or Square Dot red serials P350b TR6b
Fractional 5s T21   P352 X
Fractional 2s6d T22   X X
Fractional 1s T23   X X
    EPM   Pick BNYB
Fisher 1919 to 1927
First Issue 1919 £1 T24 Dot P357 TR17a+
  10s T25 Dot P356 TR7a
  10s T26 Dash P356 TR7b
Fractional 5s T27   P355 X
Fractional 2s6d T28   P354 X
Fractional 1s T29   P353 X
Second Issue 1922 10s T30 No   No P358 TR8
  £1 T31 Dot P359a TR18a+
  £1 T32 Square Dot or Dash P359b TR18d+
Third Issue 1927 10s T33 No   No P360 TR9
Northern Ireland £1 T34 Dot P361a TR19a+
  £1 T35 Square Dot P361b TR19d+





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