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catalogue number conversion lists

Conversion Lists

English Paper Money  to  Pick  to  Banknote Year Book

The list below gives a comparison from English Paper Money (B) to the Pick Catalogue (P) and the Banknote Yearbook (BE) Please note that the BNYB references go from the lowest catalogued number as there are several for each banknote type


10s and £1 are  Series A Britannia  1928 to 1962

CASHIER VALUE EPM  Cat No Pick  Cat No BNYB  Cat Nos

Cyril Mahon

  10s B210 P362a BE20a
  not used B211 x x
  £1 B212 P363a BE41a
Guernsey Overprint £1 OP B212A P363e BE48a
  not used B213 x x
  not used B214 x x
Whites  £5 B215 P320a BE89
  £10 B216 P321a BE150
  £20 B217 P322a BE200
  £50 B218 P323a BE250
  £100 B219 P324a BE275
  £200 B220 P325a x
  £500 B221 P326a BE278
  £1,000 B222 P327 BE281

Basil Catterns

  10s B223 P362b BE21a
  not used B224 x x
  £1 B225 P363b BE43a
Guernsey Overprint £1 OP B225A P363f BE48b
  £1 B226 P363b BE44a
Guernsey Overprint £1 OP B226A P363f BE48c
  not used B227 x x
Whites  £5 B228 P328a BE90
  £10 B229 P329a BE151
  £20 B230 P330a BE201
  £50 B231 P331a BE251
  £100 B232 P332a BE276
  £500 B233 P333a BE279
  £1,000 B234 P334 BE282

Kenneth Peppiatt

  10s B235 P362c BE22a
  10s B236 P362c BE23a
  not used B237 x x
  £1 B238 P363c BE45a
Guernsey Overprint £1 OP B238A P363g BE48d
  £1 B239 P363c BE46a
Guernsey Overprint £1 OP B239A P363h BE48e
Guernsey Overprint £1 OP B239B P363i BE50a
Guernsey Overprint £1 OP B239C P363j BE50b
  not used B240 x x
Whites £5 B241 P335a BE91
  £10 B242 P336a BE152
  £20 B243 P337a BE202
  £50 B244 P338a BE252
  £100 B245 P339a BE277a
  £500 B246 P340a BE280
  £1,000 B247 P341 BE283
  not used B248 x x
Blue £1 B249 P367 BE47a
Blue Guernsey Overprint £1 OP B249A P367b/c BE49a/b
Blue £1 B250 P367r BE47Aa
Mauve 10s B251 P366 BE24a
Mauve 10s B252 P366r BE24Aa
Fractional 2s6d B253 P364 x
Fractional 5s B254 P365 x
White Thick Paper £5 B255 P342 BE92a
  10s B256 P362c BE25a
  not used B257 x x
  £1 B258 P363d BE50a
  not used B259 x x
  £1 B260 P363d BE52a
  £1 B261 P363dr BE53a
  10s B262 P368a BE26a
  10s B263 P368ar BE27a/b/c
White Thin Paper £5 B264 P343 BE93a





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